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Best 15 Email Finder Tools of 2022: How to Find Anyone's Email

Cody Dufrene
May 17, 2022

Learn how you can find the emails of your ideal business prospects in bulk using email finder tools and grow your email list without having to manually search for them.

Want to Learn How to Get Email Addresses in Bulk For Cold Email Outreach?

Nowadays, finding qualified sales leads has become extremely difficult due to the fact that people want to do business with the people who they’ve been in touch with already.

Not only this, but it’s very difficult to build quality email lists these days because everyone is running paid ad campaigns targeting the exact same audience as you are.

So for new businesses looking to scale without spending their entire marketing budget on ads, cold email outreach is the way to go for them.

It allows them to build relationships with their ideal prospects without having to spend countless dollars running ads to generate opt-ins.

The problem with running cold email campaigns is that a lot of people are manually searching for business emails and usually ruin the process from the beginning.

I find that a lot of people who send cold emails attempt to send to contact@ and info@ emails and don’t truly understand how this can negatively impact their campaigns (and their businesses).

You see, when sending cold emails, you want to make sure you’re getting to the right person, and these people are called decision-makers.

Decision-makers can range from being a CEO to a marketing director to the general manager.

Whoever your ideal targets are, it’s important that you’re contacting the right person when you want to approach a company with a service or product of yours.

And we’re in 2022, so there’s better ways to find emails and source your sales leads more effectively than spending countless hours looking for the right person’s contact information.

In the resource below, you’ll find some of the best email finder tools of 2022, both free and paid, and how you can utilize them for your business to start streamlining your sales processes more effectively.

Email Finder Tools to Find Anyone's Email Addresses in Bulk

Icy Leads

Icy Leads has to be the best email finder on the market right now.


Because it’s not just an email finder, no.

It’s also packed with tons of other features you can use for sales prospecting under one dashboard for one monthly fee.

Icy Leads doesn’t charge it’s customers by credits, so customers have full flexibility to build their email lists, send cold email sequences, and automate their LinkedIn activity.

Icy Leads also has a free trial available where you can find up to 500 emails and send email outreach sequences up to 3,000 contacts in your lists.

Top Icy Leads Features:

✅ Unlimited Email Finder (no credits)

✅ Send Unlimited Cold Email Sequences

✅ Searchable Lead Database

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ Extract Phone Numbers

✅ Extract Social Media Profiles

✅ LinkedIn Auto-Connect and Auto-Visits

✅ Find Bulk Emails By Job Title

✅ Data Enrichment

Get started with Icy Leads here.

Pricing – $97/mo for an Unlimited email finder

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 500 found emails in the trial

Icy Leads Website Screenshot has been well known as one of the best email finders on the market since it was launched in 2015.

Hunter is used by many entrepreneurs in different industries because of how popular it’s been since it was founded. offers a Chrome extension that also allows you to pull emails listed directly on a website that you’re visiting.

You can also search for 50 emails each month in their free plan.

Top Features:

✅ Domain Search

✅ Email Finder

✅ Email Verifier

✅ Google Sheets Add-On

✅ Cold Email Campaigns

✅ Bulk Tasks

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ API Available

Get started with here.

Pricing – Starting at $49/mo for 1K requests

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 50/mo Website Screenshot


Snovio is one of my personal favorite email finder tools.


It’s extremely robust and the closest comparison to Icy Leads.

Their plans are affordable and they allow you to find emails and send cold email sequences to them through email drip campaigns.

The only downside I’ve found to Snovio is the fact that they charge based on credits.

So if you’re looking for flexibility and don’t mind paying for a high volume of found emails, Snovio may be for you.

Top Snovio Features:

✅ Single Email Search

✅ Bulk Email Search

✅ Bulk Domain Searches

✅ Social URL Searches

✅ LinkedIn Boolean Searches

✅ Verify Emails

✅ Email Drip Campaigns

✅ Technology Checker

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ API Available

Get started with Snovio here.

Pricing – Starting at $39/mo for 1K credits

Free plan/trial available – No

Snovio Website Screenshot


UpLead is great if you’re looking for more data points you can use in your outreach campaigns.

They allow you to search their entire database and filter out the prospects that you don’t want to contact.

The data enrichment feature is also really cool because most of these other email finders don’t have this.

If you’re looking to use more data points for sales prospecting, UpLead may be a good fit for you.

Top UpLead Features:

✅ Searchable Lead Database

✅ List Enrichment

✅ 50+ Data Points

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ API Available

Get started with UpLead here.

Pricing – X

Free plan/trial available – X

UpLead Website Screenshot


GetProspect is great if finding emails is your primary focus.

I’ve noticed GetProspect can find emails very quickly and allows you to build these lists more effectively than other email finders.

They have a searchable database that allows you to target your contacts specifically by job title, company size, and more.

Top GetProspect Features:

✅ Find Emails Quickly

✅ Searchable Lead Database

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ API Available

Get started with GetProspect here.

Pricing – $49/mo for 1K emails

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 100 emails/mo

GetProspect Website Screenshot


I like FindThatLead primarily because it gets the job done.

Along with this, they also allow you to send cold email sequences under your plan.

You can source your leads directly from their searchable lead database too.

Top FindThatLead Features:

✅ Email Verification

✅ Bulk Company List Uploads

✅ Email Drip Campaigns

✅ Searchable Lead Database

✅ Social Media Searches

✅ Chrome Extension Available

Get started with FindThatLead here.

Pricing – Starting at $49/mo for 5,000 credits

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 50 credits/mo

FindThatLead Website Screenshot

D7 Lead Finder

D7 Lead Finder is unlike the rest for sure.

I’d say D7 Lead Finder is more focused on sourcing lists of local leads.

I’ve noticed a ton of digital marketing agency owners using D7 Lead Finder for those specific purposes.

Now while it’s great to “scrape” local business data, it also has it’s downfalls.

One being that it doesn’t pull decision-maker emails, only generic ones such as contact@ and info@ emails so many of the contacts are gatekeepers.

I’d use D7 Lead Finder to pull a massive list of company URLs and use Icy Leads to enrich the data to find key decision-maker contact emails.

Top D7 Lead Finder Features:

✅ Local Business Scraper

✅ Local Business Data Points

✅ SEO Data Exports

✅ Social Profiles

Get started with D7 Lead Finder here.

Pricing – Starting at $24.99/mo for 10 searches/day

Free plan/trial available – No

D7 Lead Finder Website Screenshot


I was actually a HUGE fan of LeadFuze when they first came around because of the unlimited plan they had available for email searches.

Bad news is that they now charge based on lead credits as well.

Good news is that their product is still absolutely amazing.

The database searches are so simplified and easy to use and the Fuzebot list automation feature is extremely valuable if you’re using Zapier to automate your sales processes.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a tool that simplifies your sales list-building process, LeadFuze might be for you.

Top LeadFuze Features:

✅ Lead Database Searches

✅ Search Leads By Filters

✅ Account Based Search Filters

✅ Market Based Search Filters

✅ Fuzebot List Automation

✅ API Available

Get started with LeadFuze here.

Pricing – Starting at $132.30/mo for 500 credits

Free plan/trial available – No

LeadFuze Website Screenshot


RocketReach is a great email finder if you’re looking to get hyper-targeted with your searches and don’t mind spending more on credits.

It allows you to search through their database and find emails based on search filters you apply in their database.

A cool feature RocketReach has is the ability to source personal emails along with the professional emails found.

Top RocketReach Features:

✅ Export Personal Emails

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ Bulk Email Lookups

✅ API Available

Get started with RocketReach here.

Pricing – Starting at $75/mo per 160 lookups

Free plan/trial available – No

RocketReach Website Screenshot


Skrapp is a great tool if you’re looking for something free.

If you’re not scaling your outreach just yet and want to test the waters, Skrapp may be a good option before you choose to scale further and pay for an email finder tool.

With Skrapp, you can bulk upload domain names to find key decision-maker’s emails instantly.

Top Skrapp Features:

✅ Free Plan Available

✅ Find Emails in Bulk From CSV Upload

✅ Company Domain Searches

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ API Available

Get started with Skrapp here.

Pricing – Starting at $34/mo per 1K emails found

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 150/mo

Skrapp Website Screenshot


Lusha is great for sales teams that use LinkedIn on a daily basis.

They allow you to find any emails of a contact you haven’t connected with yet on LinkedIn by simply going into their profile and accessing the Chrome extension.

Top Lusha Features:

✅ Find Emails From LinkedIn Profiles

✅ Email Verification

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ API Available

Get started with Lusha here.

Pricing – Starting at $39/mo for 50 credits

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 5/mo

Lusha Website Screenshot


AeroLeads is great for SaaS and startup companies for sure.

The fact that you can pull emails from people on CrunchBase and AngelList is an amazing feature that none of these other tools have.

So if you’re looking to expand outside of the LinkedIn database, AeroLeads may be a good fit for your business.

Top AeroLeads Features:

✅ Phone Number Finder

✅ Chrome Extension Available

✅ Can Pull Leads From CrunchBase, AngelList, Xing and GitHub

Get started with AeroLeads here.

Pricing – Starting at $49/mo for 1K credits

Free plan/trial available – No

AeroLeads Website Screenshot


Seamless.AI is absolutely amazing, no doubt.

I’ve used Seamless much in the past when we first hired a VA.

They make the process “seamless” to build lists effectively and outsource the system to a virtual assistant.

The only downside I’ve found with Seamless.AI is the accuracy of the emails found and some of the direct dial phone numbers are outdated.

But that’s okay, because these are typically difficult to find.

But, if you have a sales team or VA that’s handling outreach for your business and you want software that makes these processes seamless, Seamless.AI might be a good fit for you.

Top Seamless.AI Features:

✅ Find Direct Dial Phone Numbers

✅ Easy List-Building Process

✅ Searchable Lead Database

✅ Finds Multiple Email Addresses

✅ API Available

Get started with Seamless.AI here.

Pricing – Starting at $97/mo for 250 sales leads

Free plan/trial available – No

Seamless.AI Website Screenshot

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is extremely confident about the accuracy of the emails their software finds.

I indeed like the searchable database where you can find emails in bulk by filtering by job titles and other filters.

So if you want your emails to never bounce, I’d trust Anymail Finder to get the job done.

Top Anymail Finder Features:

✅ 97% Accuracy (from them)

✅ Search For Emails By Job Titles

✅ Searchable Lead Database

✅ API Available

Get started with Anymail Finder here.

Pricing – Starting at $49/mo for 1K emails

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 90 emails found

Anymail Finder Website Screenshot

Voila Norbert

What I love about Voila Norbert is their pay-as-you-go plan for specific reasons.

I like to use their API to automatically enrich data that I find via other sources so I don’t have to pay a monthly plan, only the leads I actually need.

If you’re looking for an email finder with top-level accuracy, Voila Norbert is very trusted by many different industries.

Top Voila Norbert Features:

✅ Pay-As-You-Go Plan Available

✅ 98% Success Rate in Finding Emails

✅ Email Verification

✅ Data Enrichment

✅ API Available

Get started with Voila Norbert here.

Pricing – Starting at $49/mo for 1,000 leads per month

Free plan/trial available – Yes, 50 credits

Voila Norbert Website Screenshot

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