The Search For Email Addresses Is Over With the Icy Leads Chrome Extension

Cody Dufrene
May 17, 2022
We have all been there: we have our ideal customer, created a cold email and need to contact prospects— but if only we could just find their email address. Reaching out to prospects for various reasons can include lead generation, converting prospects into paying customers, new product releases or offers, feedback or just to stay in touch. An email is always valuable and the final piece to getting in touch with them. It's easy to find the email addresses for people with their online profiles. However, you have to dig a little deeper for others. It may seem impossible to find enough valid email addresses, especially when there is no email list and little proof of email addresses or contact information. Often, there is no contact page and, in some cases, no website from the get-go. Some people might resign themselves to Googling or try to guess people’s emails based on the company’s domain names. Don’t do that. Not when you can finish your email search in 30 seconds or less. Icy Leads for Chrome can help you build more connections and grow your business by finding verified emails in just a matter of seconds.

What is Icy Leads?

In sales or marketing, reaching out to corporate leaders, potential investors, or prospects is a constant challenge. You have to dig through the web to find their email, try to pitch your products or services, and hope they'll accept your pitch. Icy Leads provides quick access to e-mail addresses by simply clicking on a website, and Icy Leads spits out any email address connected to it. The Icy Leads Chrome Extension lets you find the most relevant contact details – the email.

How Does The Icy Leads Chrome Extension Work?

The Icy Leads Chrome extension will collect any email on a website. It remembers emails from all websites you have visited unless you decide to clear your browser history. It's as simple as clicking the Wolf icon in the Chrome Extensions tab to view any website-related emails. You can find emails from lead names and verify their legitimacy by using its native algorithm and domain names. You'll sometimes get a name along with the email, but not always. Other times, you'll encounter quite a few old emails but Icy Leads will let you know whether the email is still relevant by scoring them. Icy Leads can return as many checked emails as it can find for any domain entered. If no emails are found, it will use search engines for you. All of this is done for you automatically.

How Icy Leads Differs From Data Scraping

This may sound similar to data scraping, which is when software can capture data in bulk from a site or a group of websites. It’s been used for outreach marketing, but it can get you into trouble. Email crawling may appear to be debatable given the CAN-SPAM Act and concerns regarding brand credibility. Many people would not be open to receiving emails that appear to be spam. However, the consistency of the emails you get from bulk crawling a database is not the same when you source them individually with Icy Leads. The Icy Leads Chrome extension lists all the emails associated with the company when the user lands on a website. When the emails are specifically written for the recipient, you get a higher open rate and a better response rate. If you approach prospects the right way without spamming their inboxes, it can turn out to be a powerful tool to boost the efficiency of your overall sales and marketing activities.

What Are the Key Features of Icy Leads?

Icy Leads has some great features when it comes to helping you expand your prospect database. Let's take a peek at its key features:

Domain Search

Domain Search makes it easy to locate who to contact in an organization. It shows all public email addresses within half a second using confidence ratings, filters, and comprehensive sources.

Email Finder

The Email Finder is your go-to tool for connecting with anyone. It combines data from every email format, emails that were found on the site, and other signals to find the right contact information in no time.

Email Verifier

The Email Verifier checks for email validity by several levels: format, domain information, responsiveness from mail servers, and comparing to a database of over 100 million professional email addresses. Icy Leads can also do these other services:

Bulk Tasks

With this, you can quickly search and check the whole domain and email lists. This is especially useful for companies dealing with huge amounts of data.


You can write, personalize and schedule follow-ups from your email account.

Why Should You Use Icy Leads Extension for Chrome?

Icy Leads has been rated highly by thousands of users and companies. Many cite these great benefits of using Icy Leads:

Free 500 Searches

Icy Leads offers 500 free searches, which are perfect for those who want to try the service out before paying for a full package. This is not offered with other email finder tools.

Easy-to-use interface

Icy Leads is so simple to use, with its easy navigation and all of its features laid out in the most sensible way.

Optimal reliability

Users can rely on Icy Leads’ search and verification features to yield high-quality results by filtering out negative and useless results. It's a great tool if used with an excellent cold email outreach strategy. By emailing your prospects directly, you don't have to call and charm gatekeepers such as receptionists or executive assistants to reach out to the key decision-makers.

How to set up Icy Leads for Chrome Extension

By using an email finder extension such as Icy Leads, it is possible to increase your email ROI and fuel your overall outreach campaign. This is the ultimate marketing tool for low-cost brand awareness, reach and relationship building. The more people you reach, the more likely you will succeed in meeting your outreach goals. Target the right prospects, convert them, and repeat. Click on this link to get started for free.

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