Icy Leads: How to Use the Email Lookup Tool for Your Business

Cody Dufrene
May 17, 2022
Finding someone's email address is crucial in cold email outreach. Businesses find it on Twitter, LinkedIn or by even calling them. If you want to save time and be more productive, an email lookup tool can help you find leads that are critical to the growth of your company. These tools search for email addresses within various social media networks and database aggregators to help you find the right people.

What is an Email Lookup Tool?

A tool that finds email on the internet for companies or private individuals is known as an email lookup tool. Typically, the email lookup tools are automated, quick and effective.

Email Lookup Tools: Why Use Them?

Most companies use an email lookup tool for three main reasons: A person can use an email lookup tool for a background check if they are considering hiring someone, contacting them, or need more information about them. In order to prevent fraud, assess risk, and improve cyber-security, both small and large companies engage in reverse email searches. Marketers and sales teams need to verify if the email address they acquired is a valid one. You don't want your e-newsletter to bounce, so it's imperative to do this as soon as possible.

Choose the Best Email Lookup Tool for Your Needs

Before choosing an email lookup tool, consider these factors: Make a list of big-picture goals. Come up with a shortlist of search tools with the goals in your mind. These goals will prove helpful in your search for the right solution. Once you decide on your direction, you should then decide on the type of service you will use for email look-up. In some cases, especially if you’re planning to segment users and send email campaigns, there is a need for an automated email lookup tool. Most companies offer free trials to you so that you can find out how they work. All they require after that is for you to pay for the services. Choose the right plan according to your needs. You need to compare your plan with the other options of the provided services. If you’re still unsure about using one, you’re welcome to read reviews from companies that have used it on review sites such as Product Hunt or Capterra.

Other Questions About Using an Email Finder Tool

How can I find an email?

Use an email lookup tool to find someone's email address. All you need is their company, name or website, and it'll look for the person's email address for you.

What are the best ways to look up someone's email address for free?

Trying to find someone's email address is easy if you use social media (Richard's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). You can search for their website, where their contact details might be listed.

How else can I find someone's email?

If it's still unclear, you can guess their email address based on the company website or email a generic company email and hope your email gets through to the right decision-maker. But we’re sure you want to save time doing that kind of manual email research.

What is the best email lookup tool?

Our favorite email lookup tool, Icy Leads, obviously! Some tools work really well when looking up emails, and others don't. If you have a problem finding email addresses for any reason, use Icy Leads.

How To Use The Icy Leads Email Lookup Tool

Here are a few ways to find emails depending on what you want to accomplish:

You need the emails of the decision-makers and company info

If you know which companies you need to find info on, you can take advantage of Icy Leads’ Search tool. To do this, create a free account on Icy Leads and choose the Icy Leads Search tool. You can use this email lookup tool to find out who works in a certain company, including the names and email addresses of people who matter. You just have to upload a list of companies by:
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Size
You can combine any of the above filters. You will receive a list of results with the company name, locality, size, and website after the search. You can then copy and paste the website and job titles and see their emails. All emails are verified by Icy Leads.

You want to find the emails but you only know the company name

If you already have a list of company names from another email scraper tool, then you can find their domain names as well. You can use the Icy Leads Search tool to copy and paste the company names.

You want a helpful extension to help you with your email search

The Icy Leads Extractor Chrome Extension enables you to capture a prospect's email address from any website, including their personal, business, or LinkedIn profile in a few clicks.
  • Head to Linkedin Sales Navigator.
  • Create a new list in your dashboard. For example, you can create a list of company CMOs.
  • Create a couple of filters in Sales Navigator to source your leads and find their emails i.e. industry, location, etc.
  • You’ll see the suite of Icy Leads Extractor on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Click on the list you just created and hit “Extract emails to search”.
It takes a few minutes to go through all the Linkedin pages to find your prospects’ contact details. With this powerful tool, you can download hundreds of emails and see the results. You can see their job titles, business and personal emails, and much more. There’s no limit, it’s way powerful.

Icy Leads: A Powerful Email Finder Tool

Finding prospects online could seem challenging. The process requires dedication and time that many marketing and sales professionals just don’t have these days. Then, email lookup tools like Icy Leads come along and save the situation. This type of tool offers numerous ways to make it useful for your business. You want to use the email finder to find the right emails, then send the perfect message, at the right time, and follow up with the prospect as soon as possible. Icy Leads can also send highly targeted drip emails right now. Using Icy Leads Segment, you can personalize your email outreach and trigger it at the right time with automated campaigns all in one dashboard.

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