How Using an Email Finder Tool Can Help Generate More Sales

Cody Dufrene
May 17, 2022
Did you ever send out an email, hoping it doesn't get missed in the abyss? Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? Perhaps you’re frustrated with the whole sales process. You dislike going through all the hassle of finding emails and wasting so much time researching and copying and pasting emails into an Excel spreadsheet. Essentially two reasons exist for your interest in finding an email address: Perhaps there is a specific decision-maker or thought leader that you are working with, or that you are engaging directly with your target audience. Are you looking for the fastest, easiest, most sustainable, most accurate way to do anything? There are a lot of options out there to gather a list of target leads. Here are 8 approaches to finding email addresses and then check out the one tool that can help you save time.

1: The Company Website

The Contact Us page is the easiest place to get started, then check out the blog posts and the Team/About Us page. When making a request, pay special attention to the instructions that come with it. Some companies have specific guidelines for guest posts, so make sure you follow them.

2. Generic Company Email Address

Send messages to the corporate or department email if you aren't 100% sure of who you want to contact. For example, try for email addresses like: Emails sent to these addresses receive dozens to hundreds of email messages every day, so you have to stand out. Keep these tips in mind to help get a reply: Add your company name to the subject line and first line. Tell them as much about themselves as about you in the email. Make sure your point is clear and specific ("Can you tell me who to contact?")

3. Guess (and Test) Personal Company Emails

Companies typically use variations of their name and domain for email addresses. For instance: It's a way to get marked as spam if you just send your email to all the most common email addresses since most of them won't get delivered. Then your most emails will go to the junk folder (and you risk getting your email account suspended). The best way to test the email is to use Gmail. If the recipient has a G Suite/Gmail account, you will find a small 'To' profile when typing a person's email address in the 'To' field. Click on it and see what happens. Having to manually check all your emails can be tedious, and it can be hard to scale.

4. Search Engines

It may be possible to find an email address by using an advanced search. DuckDuckGo is particularly useful for this. Enter the domain name in quotes (ex. “” to make it an exact match search. After that, just enter a word or department you are looking for. If it matches then it will show up on the search results page.

5. Social Media

Use Twitter or LinkedIn to find connections instead of email. You can also ask for an email on your follow-up message if the email is a better medium for what you're doing. This is especially useful to get an email address of someone you're connected to. Follow them and like a few posts, then comment on a handful.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Instead of seeking out all sorts of leads, target the ones you know are out there. This is why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best place to start. LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you find contacts at select companies or groups of contacts based on job title, industry, region or more. Regardless of which method you use, Icy Leads lets you export the prospects' email(s) into a .csv file, ready for outreach.

7. Use an email finder tool

Collaboration and outreach have become more available than ever thanks to the internet. The only problem is finding email addresses. It is not always easy to find an email address you are looking for. You don't have to waste so much to get someone's email. All it takes is a simple email finder tool. With an email finding tool, you can find an email address almost automatically. If you are searching for all kinds of people, you only need to know their name, while for bulk searching you need to know the email addresses of the people you wish to target. However, many people just don’t believe what email finder tools can offer. We’ll break down some common myths about email finder tools.

Common Myths about Email Finder Tools

There are so many sales tools that promise the same thing

A lot of people take for granted how many sales tools have been "revolutionary", especially among sales professionals. The marketing world is much easier to play on the insecurities of consumers than actually rely on accurate and relevant factual information. In fact, every tool is only as useful as the method of use.

Startups can’t afford email finder tools

Many startup owners feel that they are condemned to work with data on their own because they have to purchase a tool before they can use it. Most tools are actually willing to work with the different kinds of organizations that need their features, so some provide their tools at a very affordable price. Users can also get a free trial for a limited set of features to see if this is something they need and see if it's what they want.

CRM is the only useful tool to use, not another email finder tool.

A number of people believe Myth #1 and also believe they only need the CRM. They normally feel lost and condemn all sales tools. Remember: If you’re not happy with how an email finder tool is working for you:
  • The way you use it may be wrong.
  • You’re not looking at the right data for your company.
  • Your KPIs are not clear to you.
You should pick an email finder tool according to your business objectives as they are an important part of your sales prospecting techniques.

Why do you need an email finder?

Your sales team can generate more sales leads if they spend less time researching how to find them. Once you generate more leads, you'll qualify more prospects, and convert more customers. In the most efficient scenario, an email finder tool expedites your search by enabling you to evaluate your marketing data faster, which in turn enables you to improve your outreach.

They reduce the email bounce rate

There are various email verification tools available to ensure that you don’t send emails to invalid or non-existent addresses. This means your email addresses aren’t marked as spam if you send new batches of emails.

They identify the best people for your business

Using an email finder tool, you can locate prospects by their title, size, company size and other criteria, making it easy to identify who is the right audience to target and develop the right strategy.

They can help you target the right prospects

You will always be able to pick up on the top-of-mind concerns of your prospects if you can read the signs. Do you have a lot of open positions? Reach out to certain job candidates who fit the bill. Tired of cold calling? Start sending out email sequences to your ideal prospects, automating sales on a massive scale. What if a business owner still using the same inefficient technology from 10 years ago? Tell them what could happen by using that technology and suggest your consulting or coaching services.

The Best Email Finder Tool: Icy Leads

An email finder tool helps you find the exact email address of your prospect. It helps automate tedious data entry into your CRM or copy and pasting leads manually to send cold emails. But it goes way beyond that. It helps you track all your prospects and their activity in one place, and it can also help you generate lists of hyper-specific leads based on your criteria. This means that if you're a sales rep, you can now reach out to all the CMOs at their email addresses. You can book more meetings with your ideal prospects and never have to manually sift through databases of business emails ever again. So, imagine getting email addresses for your ideal clients and engaging them with personalized email messages without ever needing to step inside their inbox. Imagine what a better life would look like for you if you don't have to keep looking for new leads. If you're tired of finding leads the old-fashioned way, check out Icy Leads. Icy Leads will save you more time than any other email finder tool out there, discover who's actually buying so that you can target them fast and get meetings. They'll let you generate lists of hyper-targeted sales leads, send cold email sequences, and book more meetings with your ideal prospects.

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