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Top 10 Lead Generation Tools Of 2022

Cody Dufrene
May 17, 2022
It is quite a challenge to find a scalable, automated lead generation tool. However, when you do, the results are astonishing. With a huge lead generation market in 2021, it is easy to see why some tools are built better than others, as some return a better ROI than others due to overused strategies and a lack of further innovation. These are the 10 lead generation tools we know can help build your business.

How do you choose a great lead generation tool?

A lead generation tool must make it easy for you to capture qualified leads without doing all the legwork yourself. That said, usability is important and its integration with different tools is crucial as well. Before you use one, you need to make sure that the lead generation tool helps you achieve your objectives you couldn’t by any other means; or that the lead generation tool helps you reach your objectives faster, in greater volume, or more cost-effectively. You want to ensure you’re getting the features you need for the price. However, costs can vary depending on how many features you use or how many team members you have. You need to know how pricing works so that you know what your future expenses will be as your business continues to grow.

Icy Leads

Icy Leads is a powerful lead generation platform that you can use all under one dashboard for one monthly fee. Not only can you generate targeted lists of prospects from company websites and social networks, but you can send automated cold email sequences. You can find over 575 million professional contacts and their contact information in a matter of seconds. All you need to worry about is crushing your next sales meetings. Do you want to integrate with your favorite CRM? Our Icy Leads API can connect to Salesforce, Hubspot, and more. You can also try Icy Leads for 7 days for free, where you can find up to 500 leads and send email campaigns to up to 3,000 contacts on your list.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed for people in sales because it allows you to stay up-to-date on your accounts, build trust with your prospects and customers, and focus on the right people and companies. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has enhanced lead search capabilities, including filters such as location and seniority level, to narrow down leads. You can search for recommended leads and save those you like with their contact details. Using real-time updates on leads, such as job changes and company growth, you can take the right action at the right time.


Take your LinkedIn Sales Navigator to the next level by automating tasks like building connections, sending InMails, and generating prospects with LinkedHelper. LinkedHelper and LinkedIn Sales Navigator make it simple to:
  • Send personalized invitations to 2nd & 3rd contacts to get thousands of targeted contacts.
  • Build an auto-responder system, a sequenced message system, and an automated email system to contact 1st connections or LinkedIn Group Members.
  • Get your leads in .csv for Google Sheets and MS Excel and create targeted mailing lists.
  • Increase your profile with automated endorsements for targeted profiles, and then receive endorsements in return.
  • Add your signature to messages automatically, follow or unfollow connections on LinkedIn, and retract sent invitations on LinkedIn.
LinkedHelper has a great list manager that will help you build a funnel to generate leads and avoid crossovers with other campaigns.


LeadGibbon is another useful tool to use with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LeadGibbon's Chrome extension allows you to quickly connect to LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospects. Click the Gibbon button within LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find the emails. If you have the right email, it matches the email address with the domain of the prospect’s company. You can also save the email directly to a Google sheet. It's no special tool, but it does what it's supposed to do.'s email lookup tools allow you to build high-quality contact lists so you can boost the sales results of your sales campaigns. This can be done via their Chrome Extension so you can find verified email addresses on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. also lets you create multi-channel campaigns with e-mail, phone calls, social media, and tasks. They make ensuring your time is productive, track your sales team's progress over time, and get performance analytics as your campaigns grow.

The Google Chrome extension aims to remove the frustration of finding new leads on social media by showing more information about them and their connections when you visit their profile. You can find out who someone is connected to on LinkedIn by visiting their profile, just as you can find out on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a straightforward way to find new customers, leads, or contacts without having to navigate your way through individual networks.


OptinMonster works hard to generate marketing leads. It provides mobile-friendly forms that convert the way you want them to, as well as uses behavior detection to maximize a business's revenue. It works with many email marketing and CRM platforms, letting you set advanced targeting standards for your marketing campaigns. Page-level targeting lets you target specific pages or redirect visitors back to your site, creating special offers and promotions for returning customers. Also, users can target campaigns based on device, location, and activity.


SellHack takes care of all the steps involved in prospecting for leads. SellHack relies on a 12-step verification process, which includes getting prospective leads' contact information from multiple sources. With Sellhack, you can schedule reminders to follow up directly on the Sellhack platform. It integrates directly with email clients like Gmail or outlook, so you can follow up directly from the Sellhack platform. They've incorporated a feature that lets you upload and verify bulk amounts of data. Just upload a name and a company and they’ll search for contact information.


When you need a tool to help you manage your social media accounts, Phantombuster offers over 200 automated and automated tools for solutions such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Zapier, Medium, Quora, and others. All of the tools in Phantombuster can be used individually or in conjunction with one another to create a full workflow. For example, you can generate leads for businesses on LinkedIn, attract more Instagram followers, or acquire accounts for neighborhoods on Instagram. You can use Phantombuster on your social media channels to generate leads, boost engagement, and expand your audience.

You can use to leverage your audience across various channels, including emails, phone calls, LinkedIn interactions, SMS, WhatsApp, SMS marketing, and many more.'s handy email add-on lets you break down prospects on LinkedIn by name and create new email lists targeted at specific prospects. Powered by artificial intelligence,’s other features include messaging, collaboration, Zapier integrations, and email personalization.

Choose the Right Lead Generation Tool for You

There are many ways to build a successful business, and not all of them will fit your goals and business model. We all have different budgets, skills, and goals, and want the same thing, to build a successful business. You’ll get a better idea of which tool suits you and choose the one that will do its job well. With the right tool such as Icy Leads, you’ll have an ongoing flow of leads that turn into customers.

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